Andi’s Nursery Makeover

April 18, 2017

Once we found out we were going to be having a little girl we immediately started thinking about how we would decorate her room. The room we had in mind had originally been painted a dark gray/blue color so we knew we had to brighten it up and make it much lighter. Here is what we came up with:



We added shiplap to give an extra special element and and highlight her crib as you enter the room



We got a simple white crib from a friend that was getting rid of it (yay for free stuff!!) and purchased the rug from Costco.





I wanted to go vintage without being too over the top so I hung a cute cuckoo clock that I already had and purchased an antique dresser off of Craigslist. The banner was made by my mom and sister and hung at my baby shower, adding it to the room helped add color and a modern element to the room. Finally, I add a wreath to bring a little freshness to the room and make the crib stand out.

Overall we’re really pleased with the way the room turned out and know that Andi will enjoy it for years to come.

Hopefully this gives you fun ideas for your little one’s room!