Baby Registry Must Haves

May 11, 2017

Since recently becoming a new mom I have taken a huge interest in helping other new moms and moms to be. I have a few friends that are pregnant for the first time that have asked me a ton of questions about what the best places are to register, items I registered for, things I wish I would have registered for and so on. So in the effort to help out my fellow moms here is a little list of items and places I recommend adding to your baby registry.

Where I Registered:

Babylist.com – This website allows you to add items from anywhere on the internet. I’m a huge fan of etsy.com but didn’t want to create an entire registry on their website. So instead I chose my favorite items and uploaded them to my babylist webpage. You can also link your registries from other sites, so if you choose to register at Babies R Us for instance there is a spot on your profile for your shower attendees to click and be directed straight to that registry website…pretty cool huh?

Target – Originally I wasn’t going to create an entire registry at Target but I’m so glad I did. It seems that many people are last minute shoppers (myself included) and pretty much every town has a Target these days and that’s often where people head the day before the shower. Plus they have pretty much everything you could need all in one place. Target has also recently partnered with OH JOY and I’ve got to say, her stuff is adorable with fun bright prints and patterns on swaddles, clothes and more. If you choose to go the babylist route you can add a link to your Target registry so shoppers only have to go to one website if their purchasing online.

Must Have Items:

Nose Frida – Ok, so you probably think this is the grossest thing now before you have your baby but trust me when she has a super stuffy nose  you’ll be glad you have this little sucker.  This item has become one of my best friends. Living in Colorado it’s super dry here and even with a humidifier Andi still ends up with a stuffy nose just about every morning. If you register for this item make sure to also register or just go out and purchase a bottle of saline nose drops, the nose Freda won’t do anything if you don’t have these drops.

Image result for ergo baby carrier

Baby Carrier – This is at the tip top of my list, and something I recommend to every mom whether they have a new born or a baby that is a couple of months old this is a must have. Andi is a baby that loves to be held, and I have to admit I absolutely love that about her, however, I do need to get some stuff done throughout the day. I have two carriers, both a Solly Baby Wrap and an Ergo carrier. The Ergo is super supportive putting the majority of the weight on your hips rather then your shoulders like other carriers do. The Solly is nice because of how compact it is for traveling, is super comfy to wear for long periods of time and comes in a bunch of cute breathable fabrics. It seems that as soon as I put Andi in one of her carriers it takes her a minute or two to get comfy but once she is she’s fast asleep and can sleep for hours. If you choose to register for the Ergo carrier be sure to also add the infant insert to your list, Andi is 3 months old and we are still using it.


Velcro Swaddles – Although Andi doesn’t like being swaddled anymore when we first brought her home we swaddled her every night. We received many swaddles at our showers but it seems that the velcro swadddles are what worked best for us. These are  especially wonderful in the middle of the night, your already exhausted and trying to get your little back into a swaddle is somewhat of a nightmare. I still love having the regular swaddles and I used them almost every day as sun cover ups, nursing covers and blankets but overall when you’re running on only a few hours of sleep it’s nice to have something that’s so simple to throw on. An added bonus, your able to get these super tight. Andi loves having her hands free so the only way we could keep a swaddle on her was to make sure it was super snug and these seemed to work the best. Some of my personal favorites can be found at Aden + Anias and Halo Sleepsacks.

product photo

Zip Up PJ’s – Just like the velcro swaddles when I was preparing for Andi’s arrival I was looking for convience. My sister has 3 kiddos and this was one of her great pieces of advice. I had heard from everyone about the lack of sleep so I knew I wanted items that were easy to use. As I was getting up 3 to 4 times a night I was so grateful that I didn’t have to struggle in the dark to find every last snap on my babies pjs. The zipper made changing her diaper super easy in the wee hours of the morning and I’m so glad I listened to my sisters advice. She’s one smart cookie! Some of my personal favorite can be found at Gap , Hannah Anderson and Carters.



The Jesus Storybook Bible – This book is an absolute must! It’s extremely important to Gentry and I that we raise Andi to love the Lord and teach her about Jesus. I asked some of my mom friends what children’s bible they recommended and they ALL recommended this book. The stories are told in a really fun relatable and understanding way and the illustrations are really cute. Now that Andi is old enough to sit still long enough to read a book we read this to her as a part of her bedtime routine. (You can add this item to your registry by clicking here)



Baby Bjorn Bouncer – Andi is a baby that loves to move and when I’m cooking dinner or sitting down for a meal with my husband its hard to hold her and keep her moving…enter the Baby Bjorn Balance Soft bouncer. This bouncer has been a life saver. It’s super portable and light weight so I can easily move it from room to room. It’s also easy to get Andi in and out of and stores flat so I can keep it in a closet or under her crib. I also like that its big enough that she can use it a she grows. Make sure to get this on your list!


Brands that I love

Little Unicorn – Easily one of my favorite baby brands, Little Unicorn carries some of the cutest prints for babies at  a super reasonable cost. If you click over to Andi’s Nursery Make Over you’ll find the Watercolor Rose quilt that we used for her room. On their website you can find bedding, stroller blankets, swaddles, bibs, diaper bags and more. I also have their Rambler Satchel Diaper Bag in grey and absolutely love it. There are a ton of pockets and the lining is water resistant which makes it super easy to clean.

Copper Pearl – For both bibs and nursing covers I love this brand. I’m a pretty conservative person and the thought of nursing in public really made me nervous at first so I did my research and ended up registering for the nursing cover from Copper Pearl. I absolutely love this cover up, it easy to use, covers your entire upper body and stretches so I won’t have a problem with coverage as Andi get’s bigger. The Copper Pearl cover has a small opening at the top and large opening at the bottom making it almost impossible to have a peep show while your feeding your little. It’s also great as a car seat cover. Since the cover is stretchy it makes it easy to pull over the car seat and keep your little one protected from the wind, sun or give her privacy while she sleeps.

We also own a slew of their bibs as our little Andi is great at spitting up…lucky us! So we had to find a bib that she could wear on a daily basis that was not only comfortable for her but cute as well. These bibs have a soft lining so the material won’t earitate your babies skin and has an easy to snap closure at the back of the neck. There are two settings so your baby can wear these from newborn through about 5 or 6 months depending on the size of your kiddo. You can find these and more on their website or Amazon.

The Land of Nod – Once you visit this website you’ll understand why I so highly recommend their products. The Land of Nod offers a ton of cute rattles, teething toys, play mats and so much more. Their products are made from great materials which will better withstand the test of time. We purchased Andi’s first doll from this site along with a wooden rattle and baby flash cards. We opted to make our own play gym for Andi so for her hanging toys we purchased the “Playtime Anytime Punctuation Rattles”. Overall you can find just about anything from this site, items are unique and priced well.

Doc a TotI was fairly skeptical of this item before I purchased it, however, now that I have one I’m eternally grateful. The Doc a Tot is a co-sleeper designed to mimic the womb and help babies sleep better on their own. You can use it as a co-sleeper in your bed or you can put it in a pack n’ play like we did. The design of the Doc a Tot has a slight angle to help aid with sleeping and is made with breathable fabric so your baby is nice and safe while sleeping at night. Gentry and I went on our first trip out of town with Andi and I’ve got to say, I was pretty nervous that we would end up up all night with Andi since she was in a different environment. We packed our Doc a Tot in our travel on luggage and prayed that it would make it to California. Since we didn’t bring her pack n’ play with us we made a safe spot on the floor next to our bed to lay her Doc a Tot. Andi had been sleeping around 6-7 hours at this point and when we went on our trip she did exactly that. I truly believe that because it was a familiar environment she felt safe and had no problem nodding off. Now don’t think your precious sleep doesn’t come without a hefty price tag, this item is pretty pricey but an absolute life saver and after all, can we really put a price tag on our sleep? Make sure to put this on your registry, you’ll be glad you did.


So there you have it, hopefully this has been a helpful tool and can help new moms as they try to navigate their way through the preparation of bringing home their new little one. If you are already a mom please comment in the section below on your favorite items or brands. I along with other new moms would love your feed back and advice on things that have worked for you. If there is one thing I have learned about being a mom it’s that I can’t do this alone, I need my mom friends to learn from and lean on and hopefully I can do the same for them some day.

Thanks ladies, and congrats on your new bundle of joy!!



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  • Elizabeth Mayberry May 18, 2017 at 3:56 am

    Monica! This is a great list!

    • ginghamandcord@gmail.com May 18, 2017 at 7:43 pm

      Thanks Beth!!

  • Jahaila @ Girl Nesting May 18, 2017 at 11:19 am

    This is a great list, I agree with you on all of the items 100%. My husband and I are always looking out for the zip up pj’s – they are a lifesaver when you’re half awake. And the velcro swaddles – thank goodness for those. Our first month with our newborn, waking up every 2 hours…if we didn’t have that velcro swaddle, I’m pretty sure she would have looked wrapped up into a little knot lol.

    • ginghamandcord@gmail.com May 18, 2017 at 7:43 pm

      I couldn’t agree more. Being a mom I will try just about anything to make life easier. so glad you liked the post. I’m still a newbie blogger so to get such positive feedback from an established blogger means a lot! Thanks for stopping in.

  • Emily May 18, 2017 at 1:22 pm

    This is such a great list!! I just had my third baby and I have a couple tried a true products and a couple news ones I’m loving with baby #3. Your list is on point. Especially the zip up pjs and nursing cover! We found a zip up swaddle called the Love to Dream swaddle that zips up and it is so handy! I think after reading this I’m going to try the doc a tot. I’ve been skeptical about this product but it sounds like a lifesaver

    • ginghamandcord@gmail.com May 18, 2017 at 7:40 pm

      Thanks Emily! I would totally recommend the DocATot, Andi sleeps in it for all of her naps and all through the night. I love that I can move it from room to room so easily so she can be wherever I’m at. If you go for it I recommend getting a second cover. We didn’t have one at first and Andi spits up a ton. As a newborn she wasn’t awake long enough for me to get it washed so the second cover has come in super handy.

  • Julie Hood May 23, 2017 at 7:33 pm

    I really want an Ergo with baby #2 who’s coming in October! I used a Baby Bjorn and a wrap with my first one, but they don’t really hold well over like 12 pounds so…..I need something that is a bit more versatile! haha. Love this list! (And I found your ADORABLE blog from a comment on Oak and Oats, and I’m so glad I did! I love it!!)