Maui Sunset Hot Spots

June 9, 2017

One of my absolute favorite things about living on Maui was the endless amounts of spectacular sunsets that took place on a nightly basis. Every evening the sky turns into the most amazing shades of yellow, orange, red and pink. Gentry and I spent countless hours sipping wine as we watched the sun go down on another amazing day on the island. No matter where you are on Maui there is usually a great spot to watch the sun go down but here are some of my favorite places that you’ve got to try out!


KAM 3, Kihei

Located in Kihei within walking distance of most south/central Kihei condos this spot is perfect for sunset watching with a large group of friends or family. While there is a small beach at Kam 3 the real perk to this spot is the large grass area with an unobstructed view of the ocean. Gentry and I are big fans of botchie ball and lawn games so we would come here with our friends, play a few games before sunset and once it was time for the show to begin we’d set up our lawn chairs and enjoy the view.

Gannons, Wailea

Oh man do I love this place! Located on the hillside of Wailea this restaurant is by far one of my favorite places on island for so many reasons. The view from this place is absolutely spectacular and the happy hour is top notch! This can be a fairly popular spot considering the view so make sure to call ahead… better safe then sorry! You can enjoy appetizers and drinks on the patio that overlooks the ocean and is a great place to do some whale watching in the winter months. (click here to check out Gannon’s happy hour menu)

Farraros, 4 Seasons, Wailea

If you’re on the southwest side of the island (Kihei , Wailea, Makena) and want to enjoy your dinner with a view at sunset this place is stunning. You’ll enjoy 5 star dining on an open air patio at one of the most high end resorts on Maui. Whenever Gentry and I had something big to celebrate this is where we went. If your celebrating something yourself be sure to tell the staff when you make your reservation. We spent many anniversary dinners here and every time they did not disappoint. The view during dinner is breathtaking. I recommend coming early so you can walk around and enjoy the resort and maybe grab a drink before you head to your table. (click here to check out Farraros’ menu and make reservations)

Haleakala Crater

Most people hear about Haleakala and their spectacular sunrises…don’t get me wrong they are amazing, however, their sunsets are just as spectacular. If you’re not an early morning person like myself then the thought of waking up at 3 am may not be that appealing to you. So why not check out sunset instead? With a view of almost half of the island this view is out of control. Up on the crater you get to be above the clouds and snap photos with a completely unobstructed view. The popularity of viewing sunset on the crater has certainly taken off so if this sounds like something you want to do be sure to get their early. You’ll also want to bring a jacket, a chair and maybe even a blanket if you’re one that get’s cold easily. Yup…it’s cold up there. You’ll be going from your sunny warm beach hotel to a drastic temperature drop occasionally reaching near freezing temperatures. But if you can handle standing in the cold for a little while I promise it’s totally worth it.

Pacific Whale Foundation’s Island Rhythm’s Sunset Cruise

One of my absolute favorite trips that I did while working for the Pacific Whale Foundation was the Island Rhythm’s Sunset Cruise. After a long day in the sun most days I was ready to head home or go relax on the beach, but not on Friday! Every Friday night the ocean comes alive with music as Pacific Whale Foundation’s catamaran cruise sets sail. This cruise offers drinks and appetizers as you and your friends boogie down to some of the islands best reggae bands. Leaving before sunset, your captain will make sure you have the best view on the water as the sun sets over the Pacific. If you’re looking for a fun and lively cruise this is the one for you! (click here to book your trip)


No matter where you end up make sure you take full advantage of the spectacular sunset’s that Maui has to offer. Load up your camera and watch the magic happen!





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  • Elizabeth Mayberry June 9, 2017 at 9:46 pm

    You are making me want to pack my bags today! haha!