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Hi! I’m Monica, welcome to Gingham & Cord!

I was motivated to start my blog as an archive of hobbies, fun things I’ve done with my family, DIY home projects and things that inspire me. I’m not going to be the best writer, I’m not going to have the greatest photos but I am going to be honest and promise to fill my pages with things that will encourage and inspire my readers. My desire is for this to be a place that my daughter can look back on for years to come and hopefully connect with you all in the process.

I grew up in small town Lodi, CA, a place I get back to often but not often enough. Growing up in wine country it has been the source of my passion for great wine and open country. Upon graduating high school I accepting a scholarship to Colorado State University. It was at  CSU that I met and married my amazing husband Gentry. After getting married we moved to Maui and spent 2 wonderful years living the island life. Our experience in Maui was one like no other and though we don’t live there now we still call it home and bring pieces of our time there with us every day. We now reside in Colorado Springs, CO on top of a hill on the west side of town with a beautiful view of Pikes Peak. We recently purchased our first home and it has been the source of our passion for becoming “fixer uppers”. Together Gentry and I have spent countless hours transforming our house into a place we love to call home. When we’re not tackling home projects we enjoy traveling and spending time with our family and friends.

We recently welcomed our little girl, Andi, into our family and we are thrilled beyond words. Life as a new mom is amazing, life giving and tiring all at the same time. She is by far our greatest achievement and I can’t wait to share more about her.

Well…in a nutshell that’s me. My family and I are simple folks who enjoy sipping wine in the backyard and dreaming up crazy new ideas. Please come along with me as I enter this new world of blogging.

Thanks for stopping by…I’m glad your here!